Ghosts & Premonitions

A girlfriend and I have had many conversations about our relationship with God and our spirituality (Her Christian and I Catholic) — not to long ago it lead us to a conversation about odd experiences we’ve encountered throughout our lives. We were both raised in Godly homes, church and prayer have always been a thing to lean on and I love that we share that in common. What I didn’t know is that we also share a common interest in the afterlife and strange things happening to us.

***If you don’t like, believe, or enjoy hearing about afterlife experiences or ghosts I suggest you just stop reading now.

In many cases, Christians/Catholics condemn people who like magic/ghosts or consider it demonic practices. However, I don’t look at it that way. I think having ghosts and an unseen presences around are awesome. There’s so many different occasions I’ve had odd things happen to me, I couldn’t remember them all if I tried. Unfortunately it hasn’t happened as much lately and I’m not sure why.


When I was a little girl I was ‘visited’ in church nearly every Sunday. Not until I was an adult did I put two and two together. Hey, I may just be a nut job, who knows. My church growing up was beautiful. Our steeple had huge stained glass windows and other windows wrapping around the top of the church. The light shined in like God Himself was on the roof — beautiful to say the least.

Keep in mind, I was roughly 4-6 years old at the time– The only way I can describe it, is like a tiny floating dandelion petal, you know the ones you make a wish and blow on. Only the strange thing was that it would do what I told it. I vaguely remember being in church, sitting in the long wooden pews, my feet couldn’t even touch the floor yet, and this airy petal would come and go as I told it. Almost as if it was playing with me.

I know it sounds crazy, but I know it wasn’t just my childhood imagination. I watched it travel up the pews from the front row, glide around my hand and float away when I ‘spoke’ to it in my head. We always sat on the 3rd pew, and one day I specifically remember it coming up to me and I told it to fly away and come back, it went up across the pew towards our Father giving the sermon and came right back to me. I physically watched this ‘spec’ leave and come back. Explain that to me.

Now I try to imagine what I looked like, was I the only one able to see it? Did other people watch me and think I was playing with an imaginary friend? Just the fact that this happened on several occasions gives me enough reason to believe it truly was an angel.

Jahaira, a beautiful bride, gets ready at the Radisson Hotel in Yuma, Arizona before she walks down the aisle to get married.
Photo By: Fallbrook Photography – St. Francis of Assisi Church – Yuma, AZ

Grandpa Dropping In

My Grandfather was one of those people that will always affect the way I do things in life. I knew him for 11 short years but he impacted me significantly. I watched my Grandma sob and cradle him as he suffered a massive heart attack, another story to tell — and he raised me as a daughter. I’m so deeply connected to him for many reasons.

After his passing he visited everyone in their dreams. First my oldest cousin, then my uncle, my grandma, my dad, my aunt, but not me. I was so upset that I had been, what felt like, the only person he hadn’t visited. I couldn’t tell you how long after he passed it had been but he finally came.

He was sitting in some sort of house bar, it was brown and half moon shaped. He was sipping on whiskey and smoking a cigar/cig (he never drank or smoked in my life). It was an extremely short dream, I begged him to stay longer because ‘Grandma needs to see you too’, but he insisted that he needed to go. I wept myself awake, but he finally came to me. I was so elated, you can’t even imagine.

Reminiscing on the dream I had, my Dad  tells me, oh yeah he loved his whiskey. Wait, what? Grandpa never drank or smoked. Apparently he smoked heavily and drank a lot back in his prime, I had no idea. I guess you could say my Grandpa is enjoying himself up there in heaven.

Checking on Us

One evening while visiting my uncle and cousins out of town, my cousin and I had been hanging out in her room when suddenly her ballerina jewelry box started playing. I think she said something like, “There’s Grandpa again” or “I think it’s Grandpa”. I guess the box had been broken, but goes off once in a while on it’s own. We were both sort of tripping out and I finally said something like “Grandpa stop” and the damn thing stopped instantly, then started right back up when I said, “ Do it again”.

On another occasion we were visited on Christmas Eve as a family. As we ate dinner we had a short conversation about my aunt who had recently passed away. Suddenly, a small ceramic nativity scene began to play it’s wind up music, only no one had wound it up. It played the entire song as we all sat there saying, “It’s her, it has to be her.” while also being simultaneously silent, as if it would turn off if we spoke too loud. There were a few of us with goosebumps and the hair on my uncles neck stood up.


I often find myself having dreams that come true. I can’t think of a single one right now, but it happens so often. I’ll have a dream that gives me a push to do something or not do something, and I’ll end up regretting what I did/didn’t do — or I’ll envision something odd and it happens in real life. Almost like a vague omen or a hunch. I also have deja vu  all the time.

A Past Life

I have a vague but mostly vivid memory of being in an old western town. I have sworn up and down that I’ve been there in real life, but when I asked my parents they said they’ve never taken me anywhere like the place I explained. I can still see it in my head, little wooden shops with wrap around porches, dirt city streets and horses with carriages.

I ran from one shop to another across the big dirt street, and in a big wooden planters I dug up a sand dollar. I had never even seen a sand dollar before but I knew what it was. This vivid memory is just that, a memory. I don’t remember dreaming it, it obviously wasn’t a forgotten experience from my childhood, what is it? I’m 25-years old and I still remember it so well.

Nearly identical to this, only ‘real’ looking.

Let’s suppose it was a forgotten memory from my childhood that my parents “forgot” about. They never would have let me run clear across a western city street alone. I feel like I would at least have some sort of remembrance of them also being there with me. But what if it was a dream? I didn’t even know what a sand dollar was until I Googled it later on in life. It just seems too strong of a memory for it to be imagined. I use to have a lot of ‘memories’ come up like that, which I still remember to this day.

Do you have things happen to you? I’ve always so fascinated in ‘ghost’ stories and haunted places. My Dad tells me how morbid I am all the time. It’s true, I love creepy things. I still have oddly vivid dreams, I always wake up and tell my husband the details and he thinks it’s so crazy that I remember every bit of them.

Tell me your experiences!


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