Kiss That Froth Goodbye

How I miss my Starbucks extra froth flat white coffee. After our weekend adventure away I’m a bit on a budget this week. I’ve been cooking meals every night, packing my breakfast & lunch for work and not buying my usual coffee in the mornings.

Sitting with my husband last night I said to him, “I thought about it earlier today after not spending this week, I blow a lot of money on bullshit.” The convenience of having a cafe in the same building as my work is deadly. Even harder is that they have a lot of healthy meals (more expensive to boot) that I can conveniently grab and bring back to my desk. That way I’m never tempted to break my diet passing a McDonalds or Taco Bell.

With that comes a lot of money just flowing out of my pockets. Days I say that I won’t buy breakfast, the office rallies up for a take-out order. So it’s difficult to say no, especially when you’re a food addict like me and surrounded by other food addicts alike.

Want to know how much I’m spending? About $16.40 per week on coffee alone (not including weekends), and at the very least $41.00 on breakfast and lunch. None of that $55+ includes gas or what I spend on groceries and miscellaneous items throughout the week. That’s no less than $220 a month that I selfishly spend on myself, on food and luxury coffee. Food that I don’t even need and coffee that I get for free at work.

The sad part is that I know these numbers are conservative because I don’t care to admit how much I really spend. I’m only three days into the week and I haven’t spent a single dime. Why can’t I do it any other week? Having money readily available burns through my pocket like lava, it never stays.

So, on top of my healthy diet and getting into the gym more routinely I’m going to set a goal for my money. I can’t imagine how much more things my family and I could do if I stopped being a selfish food junkie and counterfeit coffee connoisseur. What could we be doing with almost $3,000 more a year? It may not be much money to you, but it’s a hell of a lot for me.

Well, I guess I can kiss that milky froth goodbye. I may not miss it as much when I’m on the beach being sun kissed with a margarita in my hand. You know, with all that extra money we’ll have.

On a side note:

I was not joking about eating healthier. I’ve gotten my family to try so many new things recently. For two weeks straight my daughter had no idea she had been eating Low-fat Greek-Yogurt and not sour cream like she thought! We had baked broccoli and cheddar tots, and I even got my husband to say, “You took the left overs? I was going to take some to work. I actually liked those we need to buy them again.” when I made VEGAN chick’n strips the other night.

I’m attempting to make a baked chicken roll-up tonight, stuffed with Greek-Yogurt and sweet peppers. Probably a side of corn and quinoa or brown rice too. I’ve been trying a lot of healthier alternative recipes to what we normally eat, and it’s been a lot of fun trying and testing new ways. I’m excited to see how it turn out, I’ll have to share the results afterwards. #EverythingLooksBetterOnPinterest



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  1. Gosh, spending money on food is such a black hole. When my husband and I go through our finances for the month, we are blown away at how much we spend on going out to eat, drinks at the bar and coffees on the way to work. Congrats on setting goals! I hope to read more about your journey!


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